Recapturing the Gift of Wonder

This morning while listening to the audiobook of Brennan Manning‘s The Ragamuffin Gospel, I was struck by a particular segment which I had to record in written form and share with you (below).  As I listened I was reminded of the time my friend and fellow worship leader Casey Frye were discussing the job of a worship leader and how to define and describe the position.  He stated that we are “stewards of The Reveal.”  I’m not sure if he was capitalizing the T and R in his mind, but since I’m writing this down I get to make that call.   Continue reading

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Come Thou Fount

This is a classic hymn with some of the most RICH and beautiful and DEEP lyrics I’ve encountered.  A recently led worship as a guest at a wonderful church and was invited to take as much time as I wanted to set up this song.  I was tempted to put together a whole sermon based on this song, but I kept it to a 4 minute introduction instead.

But this is precisely why I created this blog – so I could take the time and space desired to really marinate on certain songs and lyrics and thoughts that inspire worship.  So let’s spend the next few minutes worshiping God by reflecting on these lyrics and analyzing them together. Continue reading

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Church Is Optional

I have recently been thinking a lot about the importance of the Church and the purpose of the Church and was reminded of a sermon I preached back in the summer of 2012 on this topic. I reviewed my sermon notes and watched the video and guess what?? I still believe everything I said back then! And I’m just as passionate and in love with the Bride of Christ now as I was then.

Watch the video and let me know what you think (leave a comment below!):

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Jesus Didn’t Come Just To Die For Our Sins

So often people forget what Jesus was all about; what His purpose really was. I’ll even include myself in this. We think about how Jesus taught incredible, new, life-changing principles in a whole new paradigm. We think about the miraculous healings He performed, and the way He inspired people to worship Yahweh. We think about the Pharisees with whom He argued. And most importantly we think about how He died for “me.”

But in all of that, I think we often tend to lose sight of an underlying theme which deserves to be brought out into the light. Let’s not forget what Jesus himself said. Here it is in His own words Continue reading

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Worship Set for September 14, 2014 (Pollock Pines Community Church)

Isaiah 9:6; Isaiah 40:31; Everlasting God; Indescribable; Col. 2:13-15; Jesus Paid It All; Forever Reign; Take My Life and Let It Be Share Button