Embrace The Fall – A Prayer From The Hallway

Here’s a little prayer I wrote the other night, while in the midst of a very uncertain and uncomfortable time in my life.

Embrace The Fall: A Prayer From The Hallway

I will walk by faith, not by sight.
Cause I sure can’t see right now
Can’t see what’s ahead, what you have in store for me
Can’t see where you want me to go
Is there a decision for me to make? Or have you already made it,
And now I’m just waiting?

But I’ve heard you say to walk
So I’m stepping
Slowly stepping
Cautiously into the unknown
Feeling with my toes to see if peril’s pending

I have faith, Lord,
Help me walk by faith
I trust you, Lord,
Help me trust for real

It’s like I’m falling backwards, trusting that you’ll catch me
But this drop seems farther than expected
Are you really there?
Or is your plan for me to hit the ground
Then heal me when I break

Ok, God, as long as I know you’ll hold me when it hurts
I’ll embrace the fall, embrace the hard ground if I reach it
I’ll embrace the pain
If it will bring you glory, may your will be done, whatever it may be

I will praise you when the door slams in my face
I will praise you when a new door opens again
Or if you lead me to a window
Whether it’s to show me the pain you’re saving me from
Or if to glimpse what’s yet to come
If I’m here an hour, a year or just a day
I will praise you, even in the hallway

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One thought on “Embrace The Fall – A Prayer From The Hallway

  1. Anonymous

    Beautiful, genuine expression of your deep heartfelt desire to trust in the midst of the turmoil and uncertainty! Do I glimpse the material for a song that a multitude of people would identify with?!


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