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Just The Beginning (2003)
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1. Have You Seen Her
2. You Make Me
3. Like Crazy
4. Arms Around Me
5. Show Me The Way


Random Singles

You Are The One (2006) – Written as a random love note for my wife 

New Life (2009) – I attended a “songwriter’s bootcamp” event where Matt Redman reviewed this song in person!  How cool was it to have one of my heroes tell me what he liked about my song! (Disclaimer: this was a (very) rough draft recording I threw together quickly in order to submit it in time for the conference)

Memories With You (2012) – Written as a 10-year anniversary gift for my wife.  I was trying out a new approach to songwriting here: more of a freeform “flow of consciousness” type thing.  I’ve definitely got some work to do on this.  Please keep in mind this is a first draft…


Live in London (2000)

1. 27 – based on Psalm 27.  Written in 1997 (or 1998?)

2. Even The Trees – See 1 Chronicles 16:32-33, Psalm 19:1-6.  I wrote this while working at a YoungLife camp in the middle of nowhere several hours north of Vancouver, Canada (Malibu). 

3. So Far Lord – Written in 1997 (or 1998?)

4. Form Fitted (Justin McRoberts cover)

5. More Than This Moment (original)

6. Faith My Eyes (Caedmon’s Call cover)

I studied abroad in London from 1999-2000 and took a studio recording class.  The last three tracks were a live recording project.  Unfortunately the original concert I lined up to record had massive technical issues and I had to scrap the whole recording. Because I was running out of time, I ended up recording myself “performing live” in a big empty room…alone.  Oh, and I ran out of tape just as I hit the last chord of the song…and I played the wrong chord!!  (yes this was in the days of analog recording to actual magnetic tape)

  •     Have You Seen Her
  •     Arms Around Me
  •     You Make Me
  •     Like Crazy
  •     Show Me The Way
  •     27
  •     Even The Trees
  •     So Far Lord
  •     Form Fitted
  •     More Than This Moment
  •     Faith My Eyes
  •     You Are The One
  •     New Life
  •     Memories With You
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