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Corporate Worship Beyond Singing

This article first appeared on ChurchTechToday under the title “9 Ways to Worship Corporately Without Singing.”

The recent restrictions that the COVID-19 stay at home orders have imposed on churches has led church staffs to rethink not only how we “do church,” but what elements are truly essential. We must think creatively about how to perform traditional worship service elements such as singing and taking communion. Shared communion cups have always been a little awkward, but now they’re out of the question, and even passing a bowl for people to reach into and extract a wafer with their bare hands is dangerous.

The most frustrating order for some (e.g. worship leaders) was the order from California Governor Gavin Newsome that churches “discontinue singing” while gathered for worship services. This resulted in an uproar from many Christians. How can we hold a worship service without worshiping? How can the government dictate whether we praise God or not? Didn’t Jesus say that we must sing? Luke 19:40 says, “If they keep silent, the very stones will cry out!” (NET Bible) Our God must be praised! 

This is true, of course. But did Governor Newsom’s order actually prohibit worship? Continue reading

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The Online Worship Service Host

This article first appeared on ChurchTechToday under the title “8 Tips for an Online Service Host.”

The Online Service Host is a relatively new role that churches are developing, especially now that COVID-19 has forced churches in America to shut their doors and move to an online-only format. The future of church as we know it is uncertain, but online worship services are becoming the new norm. Even when churches are able to meet on campus and in person again a significant portion of the congregation is likely to remain at home. So it is imperative that we establish procedures that will make an online worship service feel more like the real thing and provide authentic worship experience.

One of the most important elements in helping people feel connected is having a host (or two) to virtually “greet” people as they log in to your online worship service, a real person with a real name who can interact with them during the service, Continue reading

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