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The Wow of Worship

Have you been to the Grand Canyon? Was it what you expected? Did you find yourself inspired to worship God? Or did you feel that it had been hyped up beyond what it deserved? I was able to visit the Grand Canyon once, back in college. We drove all night from LA to get there just in time for the sun rise and it was definitely awe-inspiring. I was definitely surprised. My prior image of the Grand Canyon was that it was a giant ditch in the middle of the desert. But as we drove into the park I rolled down the windows and was shocked at the freshness of the air and the scent of life and growing things that filled my nostrils. I was expecting dead, dry, bland nothingness, but this place was bursting with life. I was surprised to find life in the desert, but I should have known – that this was a special place, this is the creative workshop of the God of the universe, the God who created all life. Continue reading

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The Most Important Habit

“Corporate worship” – it sounds so…business-y…so formal…so blah…

But in actuality, it is (supposed to be) life-giving, grace-bestowing, and uplifting and joyful.  It is the highlight of your week.  When people talk about “living for the weekend” this is what they ought to be talking about!  Participating in your weekly church service should be the climax of your week.  If it not, then you’re either at the wrong church or you’re just doing it wrong.  If your church service is dry and bland, then find a church that is full of authentic, vibrant life.  It’s too important for the health of your soul to be at a church that leaves you bored or apathetic.

However, before you ditch your local community, make absolutely sure that it’s the church that’s the problem and not you. Continue reading

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Recapturing the Gift of Wonder

This morning while listening to the audiobook of Brennan Manning‘s The Ragamuffin Gospel, I was struck by a particular segment which I had to record in written form and share with you (below).  As I listened I was reminded of the time my friend and fellow worship leader Casey Frye were discussing the job of a worship leader and how to define and describe the position.  He stated that we are “stewards of The Reveal.”  I’m not sure if he was capitalizing the T and R in his mind, but since I’m writing this down I get to make that call.   Continue reading

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Jesus Didn’t Come Just To Die For Our Sins

So often people forget what Jesus was all about; what His purpose really was. I’ll even include myself in this. We think about how Jesus taught incredible, new, life-changing principles in a whole new paradigm. We think about the miraculous healings He performed, and the way He inspired people to worship Yahweh. We think about the Pharisees with whom He argued. And most importantly we think about how He died for “me.”

But in all of that, I think we often tend to lose sight of an underlying theme which deserves to be brought out into the light. Let’s not forget what Jesus himself said. Here it is in His own words Continue reading

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Journal Entry – Acts 2:45-46

Acts 2:45 “All the believers were together and had everything in common, selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need.” This is what Jesus was talking about (I think) when He told the parable of how the Kingdom of God is like a hidden treasure – the man sells everything he has to obtain it. These first Christians really believe that the Kingdom of God was so important and valuable that they sold everything in order to be a part of it. Continue reading

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