I Love Your Presence

Here’s another good song for “marinating” in the presence of the Holy Spirit. It’s extremely repetitive(!)… but sometimes it’s good to just sit in one place and soak it in. This song has plenty of room to breath, space to listen. Listen for God’s voice.

Also, it’s got a cool throw back homage to an old David Gray song called Babylon – a totally secular song, but I love redeeming lyrics that were intended for a lover and stealing them for the original lover: the lover of our souls.

And then at about minute 8, the band goes into a time of “spontaneous worship.” I love this concept. It’s a corporate moment where the band is playing a somewhat prearranged chord progression and musical concept, but the singer(s) and everyone in the room is encouraged to sing whatever lyrics and whatever melody they are inspired to sing in that moment. Every person on earth has uttered a spontaneous prayer to their creator at some point, it’s the most authentic and natural thing for a person to do; whether it’s a cry for help, a plea for mercy, or an expression of gratitude or praise. ¬†And what a wonderful thing to be able to utter a spontaneous prayer along with a melody. To truly sing from the heart. It’s not always pretty to watch, though, so you may be less distracted if you close your eyes and just sing your own melody, your own prayer.


In the glory of Your presence
I find rest for my soul
In the depths of Your love
I find peace makes me whole

I love I love I love Your presence
I love I love I love Your presence
I love I love I love You Jesus
I love I love I love Your presence

If you want it come and get it for crying out loud
The love that I have given You was never a doubt
Let go of Your heart
Let go of Your head and feel it now

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