Personally I think it’s kind of funny to title a blog post “Indescribable”. If our God is indescribable, then how can I possibly attempt to post a blog full of words about how indescribable He is? But in my opinion, that is what worship is all about! – Trying to describe the indescribable God. We know we won’t ever succeed in compiling a list of words, or phrases, or melodies and harmonies, or actions that will accurately and completely describe the God of the universe. But He is glorified by our attempts.

I believe it is within the search for words that we are actually glorifying God
, not just when we find some good words. Just as it is in the search for holiness and in the striving for righteousness that God is pleased. He’s not sitting there with a furrowed brow and disappointment on his mind until the very moment when we achieve righteousness – I know this because the Bible says that “no one is righteous, no not one” (Romans 3:10) and yet it also says “(the Lord) will take great delight in you with gladness…He will rejoice over you with joyful songs” (Zephaniah 3:17). Paul says that not even he has attained righteousness; he has not yet “arrived.” But still I am confident that God was delighted in Paul.

Our meager, and childish attempts (from the perspective of God’s eternal truth) to describe, or even comprehend God’s greatness and His character, these attempts delight God. If you’re a parent chances are you’ve had a son or daughter tell you that they love you, and perhaps make a simple card with a few misspelled words and grammatical errors. But the message was conveyed and your heart was filled with joy at their attempt to express their love for you. So let’s not be afraid to try to tell the creator of universe and designer of our hearts what it is we love about Him – don’t be ashamed when the best you can come up with is … “indescribable.”

One of my goals in writing a blog is to worship God through words and phrases, and music and video and other art. And I plan on including an entry once a week that focuses on a specific character of God. Perhaps it’s cheating to kick off this character of God series by focusing on His “indescribable-ness” – maybe that’s not so much a characteristic as it is an adjective about His character. But I’m going with it. 🙂

Laura Story penned the beautiful song (made famous by Chris Tomlin). If you know me, you probably know I’m a big Chris Tomlin fan. I’m also a big fan of a Pastor/Author/Speaker named Louie Giglio (who co-wrote a lot of Tomlin’s songs). Louie and Chris went on tour together a few years ago (quite a few years ago now). Chris played his music and Louie shared a passionate and inspirational message, along with some incredible photos. I love this video!

This is one of my favorite ways to worship God: by examining His…hugeness…His vastness. There is nothing that compares, nothing that comes close to the size (for lack of a big enough word) of GOD. Trying to grasp His immeasurable-ness helps me get some perspective on life: the smallness of my problems, the limited nature of my concerns, and at the same-time the actual true significance of my life. Despite the fact that I am immensely small (what a wonderful oxymoronic term I just discovered!), I am terribly significant. The creator of the universe, this HUGE God, who has an infinite number of other things to occupy His time and snag his attention, He is concerned with ME! He took the time to knit me together in my mother’s womb (Psalm 139). He know me intimately, and knows the number hairs on my head (Luke 12:7)! As mentioned above He delights in me and rejoices over me with singing (Zeph 3:17)! That makes me very, very significant in the grand scheme of things. Wow. That’s about all I can handle right now. What more can be said?

I wish I could share the whole thing with you in one shot, but unless you want to purchase the video on Amazon or something, you’ll have to settle for five parts on YouTube. Watch, and be inspired!

Indescribable Tour Part I

Indescribable Tour Part II

Indescribable Tour Part III

Indescribable Tour Part IV

Indescribable Tour Part V

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